Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look out for the Class of 09!! part 1 *Mickey Factz*

Mickey Factz

Is he back!?!?!?

ii swear to god this nigguh juelz juss went soooooooooooooooooHARD !!! no hom0

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beauty of the WEEK #1 Crystal Lee

Who is Big Sean? ?

only 20 yrs old ndd signed to kanye west G.O.O.D music/ Island DefJam....
look out for is upcoming mixtape "UKNOWBIGSEAN" coming jan.28th!

Big Sean - Who Knows (feat. Mike Posner)

Big Sean- Intro

Inauguration speech aka History

My president is black...

my president is black in fact hes half white! even in a racist mind hes half right!...if yuu gotta racist mind its alright! president is black but his house is allWHITE !!!!
todayz the official dayy ! :-D

for yuu wayne headz

well ii personally cant stand this mann...but ii know alott of ya'll do.

so enjoy !

Greetingz mutant'z hahaha

well lemme give yuu the rundown....
yuu have juss enrolled into Marvel Universecity! so WELCOME ! haha

but yeaa ill be discussing the latest in music,fashion,politics,ndd every week ill be posting
a "beauty of the week"... so in the words of my big brother tee... "letzGETit!"