Sunday, February 22, 2009

ndd ii think to mySELF....

so lately theres been all kinds of new music from the up ndd coming hip hop talents which ii like to call "class of 09". I have yet to post info about all the guys to look out for this year...but ii will continue tht later..but for now ii juss wanna share my thoughts.

WHEN..ii repeat WHEN has there ever been this much talent in the music industry to look forward to all in the same year!?!? NEVER thts when! im not trying to hype all these guyz up...but im a true fan of music ndd damnit ii think these guyz r it! they are exactly wat hip hop needs! new young creative talent! ndd these guyz got it!
Kid Cudi
Big Sean
Charles Hamilton
Asher Roth
Mickey Factz
Young Chris *aint new to the game...but he'z on his solo dolo tip. no homo*

those ppl alone make 9 ndd out of those 9 atleast 8 r set to release a album this tht gives all the true music fans a great year of G.O.O.D music!

sidebar: ii had to throw tht "G.O.O.D music" in there cuz we all know imma KanYeezy head ndd kid cudi ndd big sean r both in the label G.O.O.D music =]

o0o yeaa ndd besides all of their albums.. we still got the Blueprint 3,Detox,hopefully either a CRS *which is a supergroup including kanye,lupe,ndd pharrell* or a new lupe overall it juss looks like a great year for HIP HOP!
HipHop aint dead....HipHop aint Wayne....HipHop is HipHop ndd she'z breathing ! =]

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  1. Where in the fuck is nipsey hussle and jay rock at in the class of 09' ???