Friday, July 17, 2009

Think LAMA

If i might say ..[= your something differnt you see you got me giggling all the time ...<33 i dont know how to say this but maybe one day youll be mine <33 grr .hehe i like the way you make me turn red like a tomato ahahh .. i miss you already even though it was 10 mins agoo when we spoke !!! that lil fight we had too see who would hang up 1st .. <3 hehehe i promish you ill aim you later lets see if i dont fall asleep .. That poem you made me ..drove me crazy .. lol im trying rhyme can you tell lol .. I hope i seeeee your cute cheeeeeeks AND THAT DIMPLEand thoses sexy 11's TMRW ahahah lol P.S NICE FIT THANKS TOO..?? ME ** LOL

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